About - Track your crypto and get alerts when the time is right to jump in or out!

Get crypto alerts delivered to your device.

After getting into the crypto space near the end of the bull run of 2021 and learning the hard way, this project was born out of many frustrations trying to gauge when to buy, sell, and when to just HODL.

After spending a lot of time and money in crypto trades, tools, and technical analysis lessons, I wanted a few tools to simplify things, so I could get on with life and enter/exit trades at the right time.

Using a few ideas and creating tools I wish I had when I started, cryptopricealerting.com was born.

This website app is a tool I've made to help simplify and reduce time watching the crypto space, as it can be addicting and even depressing at times.

Hopefully, this tool can help free up your time and help you know when to jump in and out of trades.

Multiple Technical Analysis Indicators and alerts are available.
New coins added all the time, and many can be added upon request.